Pineapple Express


Citrus Burst 


Lemon Rose 


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(Our Top Selling Item) 

 Sour Patches: $20/$40/$60

Slushy $60

Fresh made slushy includes your choice of candy inside of the slushy, also everything in the slushy is infused. Available in All Flavors; Mango, Kiwi Strawberry, and Watermelon 


Chocolate Candy Bars: $25

            Cookies:      $25

Chocolate Strawberries: $75

       Nerd Balls:    $20

        Brownies:   $25

Chocolate Bites: $20

          Lollipops:      $20

Flamin Hots W/ Cheese: $30

  Peach Rings:  $20/$40/$60

Chocolate Bombs $25

Gift Baskets: $60

    Gift Bags:    $100

Gummy Bears: $20/$40/$60

CaBangs (Shabang): $20/$40/$60

Gummy Worms: $20/$40/$60


Kiwi Strawberry Juice $35

Watermelon Juice $35

         Mango Juice $35


"TP" - $219

"We can't change who we are, we can only change the things we do."


GODLY - $229

"We can't change who we are, We can only change  the things we do"

CandyManJustice - $237

"We cant change who are, We can only change the things we do" -Jv

CandyManTreats Shoes -$200

Since I was a kid, I always wanted to have my own shoe, With due diligence, dreams actually do come true. For me this is more then just a shoe; It's the story behind it. So now we introduce to you our unique, innovative first shoe design. Made In Italy, fine quality Leather and suede, street runner shoe. We hope you enjoy.  #CandyManTreatsByJv

Jv22's - $232

"We cant change who are, We can only change the things we do" - Jv

Yes, we ship locally, domestically, and internationally. Also we do personal requested  orders as well. 

However Due to COVID-19 We do not accept Cash, You must place ALL orders online... Thank you we appreciate and value your support. - #CandyManTreatsByJv

  Pertaining to CandyManTreatsByJv, sales on all products are final and non- refundable. Due to our policy. However, we will accommodate to your desired satisfaction if the quality of our product does not fit your standards.

We appreciate and value every customer's support, Thank You. For any further concerns, please feel free to contact us M-F between the hours of 9AM-5PM at 312-586-0699.

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